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Crocodile Walker: The Right Mobility Support For Your Child!

Looking for mobility assistance for your child? A crocodile walker can be the best aid for youngsters who need supplementary assistance while walking. This walker is designed to offer the perfect balance, harmony, and rhythm. In your child’s day-to-day walking activities, this walker can offer them great support. Whether it is a sports activity or a routine walk inside the home or school, it will be very helpful.

Your child will get the confidence to stand without anyone’s support. The Crocodile walker is available in different sizes, which can be adjusted to meet every child’s specific needs. Before making a purchase, you must be aware of the walker, its specifications, features, adjustments, available sizes, and much more. Here is your comprehensive guide to understand the walker type before purchasing.

How Does the Crocodile Walker Work?

The Crocodile walker is the most effective and supportive pediatric walker. It is lightweight, so your child will not find it heavier while carrying it. Moreover, it is easier to dismantle and fix it. So it is safer and easy to use. The crocodile walker can be used effectively by your child who needs support for walking. The best thing about the walker is it can offer both partial and full support with all its added accessories.

The Crocodile walker is available in different sizes, and it is structured to support most children and youngsters. Top brands have made it available in customized sizes because not all children are alike. It is recommended that you use a measuring chart to find the right size for your child.

You make it use; you have to place the walker behind your child. The walker’s frame lets your child get the freedom of movement. Also, it will facilitate walking in an upright position. It has adjustable handles that can be adapted to get a convenient position closer to your child’s body. With the right adjustments, the child can get maximum support and stability.

How to Let Your Child Get The Most Out Of The Walker?

If you want your child to get the most out of the walker, then you must follow the below considerations for this medical equipment.

Help Your Child Achieve the Right Position

You need to check that the handles are set level with the ulnar notch. Adjust the handle angles to bring the right stability level. Remember that outward is for less stability, and inward is for greater stability. Make sure your child’s standing position is within the frame. Place them in the center to achieve more stability. And, at the front, to get more agility and speed. Also, ensure that the child has an upright body position with shoulders in a relaxed state.

Provide Your Child with The Right Support

The appropriate support is necessary for your child with the Pediatric walker with wheels. The crocodile walker has an open-frame design that gives the child the freedom to achieve the optimum position. Under this position, they can easily do different activities. With the right support, when the child moves forward, the child can get more balance. It will also improve their co-ordination skills. The turns will become more flexible than before, and their accessibility will increase. When your child needs more stability and support to do demanding activities, they can prefer to move back into the frame.

Adapting and Adjusting the Crocodile Walker

To support your child with a walker, you must know the adjustments. The crocodile walker is available with lockable wheels, handles, anti-rollback tension adjustment, etc.

The walker usually has a foldable frame. This makes it easier to store them when not in use. Moreover, it won’t take much space, and it is easy to transport from one place to another. Even the height is adjustable in most top frames to achieve the right level for your child. Based on your child’s height, you can adjust the frame. Also, you do not need any tools to adjust the top frame. It can be easily done with minimum effort without the necessity of tools.

The r82-crocodile also comes with multiple adjustable handles. The handle will allow the crocodile to grow in height and width, which means you can extend it as per your child’s needs. And, if you want to give a better walking position to your child, you can position the handles close to their body. Some walkers also have on-and-off anti-reverse wheel stops. It will keep the crocodile from rolling backward. Moreover, it is easier to unlock and lock the function.

On the Crocodile walker, you will get a wheel configuration. You can fix the front wheels and set them at the fixed state or free-moving. The anti-reverse on-and off-wheel stops are easier to handle. Also, you can control the resistance on the rear wheels to meet the needs of the child.

To activate the anti-tip, you should turn it downwards. Remember, when you click the security pin, the anti-tip is activated. And, to deactivate the security pin, you have to turn on the anti-tip upwards; it deactivates when the pin clicks in. For mounting, you should remove the cover plug. You have to mount the anti-tip and place it in the mounting lock. Then, fix the screw to tighten the screw.

Final Takeaways

After learning the working mechanism and adjustments of the special-need pushchair  or any other crocodile walker, you should select the right size. Make sure you understand the specifications along with fixing and dismantling details. The right consideration and knowledge of the walker will help you make an informed purchase.

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