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Is a Screen Protector Necessary for Your New iPhone 11

You’re the proud owner of an iPhone 11! Add some baubles if you like. Is it really necessary to protect the display of your iPhone 11? The iPhone’s basic form makes it tough to hide.

Is it critical that we maintain it secure? Indeed. If your iPhone 11 Screen protector is shattered, you may have issues utilising it.

How can I protect the display on my iPhone 11? Let’s break into this question and find out where the solutions are. Learn why a plastic-free liquid screen protector and iPhone 11 cover are such wonderful investments.

Is a Screen Protector Necessary for Your New iPhone 11?

Because to a variety of built-in precautions, the iPhone 11 is one of Apple’s most robust gadgets. The matte glass casing and the 8.1mm Corning glass display are both durable and unlikely to shatter. Keeping your phone in a handbag or pocket may cause hairline cracks that weaken and shatter the screen.

Should you get a screen protector for your iPhone 11? Yes, despite its greater display. There are two kinds of cases available: waterproof cases and non-waterproof cases. A screen protector or cover for your smartphone may maintain it in excellent condition and decrease the amount of electronic waste created.

Consider the last time your iPhone’s screen shattered while deciding whether or not to purchase an iPhone 11 protective cover. Isn’t that disappointing? It’s difficult to handle, unsightly, and might result in a glass splinter.

If your phone’s screen breaks, you’ll have to either pay to get it repaired (which may violate your warranty) or toss it away sooner than intended. Both of these alternatives are frightening. But what’s the advantage? Hi Technology’s iPhone 11 cover will provide you with precious peace of mind.

A bulky cover and tempered glass screen protector may seem to detract from the elegant appearance of your new phone. These solutions are often overkill because to the iPhone 11’s outstanding endurance. Alternatives include slim biodegradable cases and liquid screen protectors.

iPhone 11 Display Protective Films

Doubtful? Here are some of the reasons why you should acquire a screen protector for your iPhone 11 or other smartphone.


Apple’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are all water and dust resistant (IP68). Apple’s Pro models can withstand immersion in water for 30 minutes. Water protection is better than none at all.

We suggest our liquid screen protector for phones that can handle water. If you like water activities like kayaking and surfing, live near a body of water, or have a work that demands you to be in or near water, a screen protector is an essential must.


A good iPhone 11 screen protector or cover might help you prevent sand damage. Sand may affect a glass screen, causing minute scratches. Scratching your phone is simple and can be done anywhere, not just near water. A grit, debris, or hard metal item may scratch a screen. Purchase a screen protector to safeguard your screen from becoming damaged.

Adds Traction and consistency

A screen protector or cover might help prevent smartphone drops by adding texture. Hi Technology’s Flaxstic plant-based phone cover has a smooth rubber feel that makes it easier to hold the phone even when it’s damp and slippery.

Screen shields

Consider both a screen protector and a phone cover to safeguard your smartphone from fractures and scratches. Each makes the following suggestions:

  • Wallpapers that slide smoothly
  • A liquid screen protector may be used instead of a whole phone case.

What exactly is a liquid screen protector? It’s a liquid that’s sprayed over the glass screen of your phone to fill up minor scratches and pits that might lead to a fracture.

When you use a liquid to protect your screen, you don’t have to worry about adding bulk or weight. A liquid screen protector will outlast you. You may reapply liquid glass when it becomes cracked and unpolished, saving you the trouble of removing a temporary screen cover and protecting the environment from yet another shred of plastic.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic by learning how to remove a screen protector. Use liquid glass instead.

Phone cases that aren’t overly big

The iPhone 11 is designed to withstand high-impact crashes. However, if dropped on a corner, it may shatter. A direct hit on the concrete may shatter a screen. A beautiful phone cover, in addition to a screen protector, may protect the corners.

Hi Technology phone cases are fantastic. Each has reinforced edges to protect the screen of your phone from drops. When you update, the case will not be deleted. Hi Technology’s phone cases are biodegradable and reduce waste and consumption.

iPhone 11 Screen Protectors Are Now Available

Getting a screen protector for your iPhone 11 isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s still a good idea. Hi Technology carries iPhone 11 covers as well as a liquid glass screen protector.

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