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Online Video Editing Service

Have you ever wondered how people produce such amazing clips? Video editing involves manipulating and rearranging shots to create a new video. The process brings life to video shots. When you arrange clips logically and smoothly, a video can deliver a message well.

All About Video Editing Services

There are two types of video editing, offline and online video editing. The former refers to you editing your videos by yourself, and the latter happens when you seek a professional video editing service. With the increasing hunger for content, people prefer going with the second option. It gives them the flexibility to do other things and create more videos. Today’s marketing strategies imply posting content regularly and increasing interactions with one’s fan base or clients.

The end goal of video editing may include the following:

  • Removing unwanted footage
  • Choosing the best footage from several shots
  • Creating a sequence of the footage to tell a story
  • Adding effects and altering the pace or the mood of the video
What Does an Online Video Editing Service Do?

How does a video editor take your clips and turn them into something beautiful and engaging? There are some very important steps involved in delivering the perfect edited video, and they include:

1. Sorting the best takes

A professional video editor will go through your clips to choose the best shots and get your opinion on them. There are several things they would look for, including the energy of the person speaking and the pace and naturality of the dialogue, if any. Lighting would be another thing they would consider, especially for outdoor shots. If the lighting is dim, then highlighting objects of interest will be challenging.

2. Arranging the video

This is the most critical part of the editing process. At this stage, the editor will arrange the shots logically to tell a story while ensuring that the video flows. The editor will trim the unwanted takes and merge them with other good ones while following their timelines. The editor will also apply proper transitions for the shots, which may include wipes, dissolves, and cuts, depending on the timing and the emotions you want to evoke.

3. Fine-tuning the video
Then, the editor might use the following processes to enhance your video:
  • Color correction is all about using color gels or filters to modify the overall color of the light. Color grading is another aspect that the editor will work on. It refers to enhancing the appearance of an image for presentation in various environments on different devices. During this process, the editor may enhance the contrast, color, saturation, detail, black level, and white point.
  • Audio mixing refers to combining multiple sounds to make a single audio track. This process is important because it ensures that the audio and the visuals go hand in hand. Sometimes, editors will include music in the video, which functions to set the mood. Good timing and proper audio mixing skills are crucial in this step.
4. Reviewing the video

The editor will then submit the edited video for your review and recommendations. If further changes are necessary, the editor will work on them.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be a professional video editor to get a professionally edited video that stands out and helps you build your brand. All you need to do is check out beCreatives’ video editing services. It’s one of the few companies that offer you creativity, unmatched skills, and unlimited edits. Don’t waste your time with learning the ins and outs of video editing software. Put your efforts into creating new content and let the professional editors do what they do best.

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