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The Highlights of Multi-screen Interconnected Notebook Computers

Numerous individuals purchase notepad PCs for the Internet, yet for work and study. A scratchpad PC brings more advantages and productivity. It is the best gift for purchasers. How about we investigate the great HONOR Magicbook Pro.

From the start, The equipment nature of HONOR Magicbook Pro is brilliant. It is convenient whether it is games or office study.

On account of the 16.1-inch IPS hostile to glare mist screen, HONOR Magicbook Pro is noteworthy.

Both appearance and equipment give clients a decent encounter. So what are its features at the framework level?

Scratchpad PCs and Android telephones are unpredictable to interface PC previously. They need date links to associate it. Regardless of whether it was the Windows framework or Mac framework, the information transmission was consistently somewhat problematic.

HONOR MagicBook brings Magic-Link shrewd capacity. Interfacing cell phones and PC gets straightforward.

The MagicBook Pro 2020 has brought the capacity of a “multi-screen network“. Toppling the transmission of sharing pictures, archives, and recordings. The cell phone and PC can move them to one another at a touch. What’s more, this transmission between them is not difficult to finish.

At the point when the scratchpad PC and the cell phone interconnect. The image on the cell phone will be exhibited in the little window on the PC. So we can see the photos, recordings, and reports on the PC.

The console and mouse can assist with editing pictures, recordings, and reports. You can open the cell phone APP or counsel and duplicate information. The entire interaction is regular and proficient.

For documents sent between cell phones and PCs. We can just utilize haul for transmission. Furthermore, cross-gadget sharing of records can be acknowledged without the assistance of programming, for example, information lines or QQ. The speed is effective, quicker than utilizing information lines to move documents.

What is all the more exemplary is that HONOR MagicBook Pro has calls work. It can impart without getting the telephone.

In contrast to different PCs, this PC can reply and settle on telephone decisions.

Its multi-screen joint effort broke the boundaries of the Windows and Android frameworks. Making the association between them not restricted to document move.

This capacity can understand moving documents, sharing clipboards, participating without a network.

Between HONOR MagicBook Pro and cell phones aren’t just the shared transmission of information. Yet, the appropriated framework mix of PC and cell phones. Through the incredible processing and framework ability to acknowledge consistent collaboration.

Without working the cell phone, clients can answer messages on it. Noting the video and voice, check the APP elements on the cell phone whenever. You can send the information in the cell phone to the PC. You can work by zeroing in on one screen. The experience is proficient.

In the field of productive office work, HONOR MagicBook Pro has done its most extreme. You can additionally counsel, comprehend and buy through the HONOR MagicBook Pro authority store in UK.


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